About 'Mokra' Gallery

The 'Mokra' Gallery was established in 1997 and, initially, was located in two different places: at Strzałowa Street and at Mokra Street. In 2004 the 'Mokra' Gallery was moved to Paderewski Street 7, opposite the National Museum, offering art lovers a permanent exposition of pictures in the basement of the Blue Passage (Pasaż Niebieski), which forms part of the Poznań Bazar Hotel complex.  The Gallery is run by art historians, among others, Joanna Woch the author of the book: "Biedermeier. A guide for collectors".

The Gallery specializes in searching out the best canvases of the Polish 19th and 20th century (up to the Second World War) paintings. 

We offer pictures of such artists as: Aleksander Orłowski, January Suchodolski, Piotr Michałowski, Jacek Malczewski, Olga Boznańska, Wojciech Weiss, Leon Wyczółkowski. 

For collectors, the Gallery may agree to search for commissioned masterpieces. Depending on the specific interests and preferences of our customers, we can prepare and present individual offers complementing your collections.

Antyki Galeria Mokra, ul. Szewska 3/1, 61-760 Poznan
telefon: +48 618518737, +48616394848, mail: info@galeriamokra.pl

Godziny otwarcia:
poniedziałek - piątek 09 - 16, sobota nieczynne
lub w innych godzinach po wcześniejszym uzgodnieniu telefonicznym.